Return to Chain of Command.

Well it’s been a while but this Sunday saw my first game of Chain of Command for over a year.
I would be taken command of my Germans while Matt was using his British.We had rolled up the attack and defend scenario with Matt being the attacker.We decided that the crossroads in my deployment zone would be his objective.Matt took a tank and universal carrier with team for support while I went for a senior leader,a medic and a entrenchment for one team.
Here’s a few pictures.
One of my squads hold the hedge row next to the crossroad.

The British tank arrives.

After a couple of Panzerschreck shots it's curtains for the British armour.

While the tank had advanced up the road a couple of British squads were trying flanking attack.

I moved one of my squads around the building to bring fire upon them.

That’s it for pictures I’m afraid but the game continued for a while.The final outcome saw the British moral crumble to give the victory to the German defenders.
A really fun game,I’d forgotten how much I enjoy this system.Having another game this Sunday coming, this time I’ll be using my Russians.


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One Response to Return to Chain of Command.

  1. Matt says:

    Top notch fun mate! Your leaders lived a charmed life ;o)
    Really enjoyed it.

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