WW2 in 15mm.

Was lucky enough to be involved in a multiplayer game of Blitzkrieg Commander the other week.The game was based in North Africa using 15mm models all provided by Alan who was also umpiring the game.
Here’s a few pictures of the game.




I was really impressed with the rules and models so decided to have a look at purchasing some.
After a quick check on the internet I decided to pick up a Zvezda kit as they seemed pretty good.


The kit was really easy to put together and in next to know time I had a lovely little tank.image

I was really on form now,so out came the paints and within a hour I had my first tank finished.



So back to the Internet I went and before long I had a whole tank squad with a nice Dingo Scout car (also from Zvezda)to be used as a command/HQ vehicle…sweet.


I’m really enjoying these kits and have already put a order in for some more aswell as ordering some infantry from Peter Pig, I’m thinking about basing these up individually so I can use them for CoC aswell as Blitzkrieg Commander.

Anyway that’s it for now.


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1 Response to WW2 in 15mm.

  1. Alan Paginton says:

    Bravo Steve. You can never have enough tinfoil tanks armed with pea shooters. There is a good article by Dan Mersey in this month’s M W on British cruiser tanks.


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