First outing for the Russians.

Managed to get my first game of CoC using my Russians at club the other week.My opponent was Mike and his Fallschirmjagers so was going to be a challenging game as these are a tough bunch.We rolled up flank attack for are scenario with me being the attacker,Mike had decided to use his chaps a elite so with the difference in forces and my support dice roll I ended up with a mighty 20 points of support to Mikes 3.
After looking through my options I decided to try and fit as many of my newly painted stuff in(probably not the best idea).My choices were a 50mm mortar,engineer team with flamethrower,sniper team,maxim MMG,scout squad with junior leader and finally a T34 M1942/43 with junior leader. Mike went for a pioneer flamethrower team.We then rolled up are moral,I got a 9 will Mike had 11.
We had already sorted out the patrol phase so we were ready to rock and roll :o).
Set up,Mikes jump off point were mainly placed around the ruins while I had a couple near the road and another couple on my left flank.

The first of my rifle sections arrive.

Then on comes my tank :o).

At this point Mike had I couple of sections on the table as well as one of officers and his Panzerschreck.These were occupieing the ruins and making a nasty mess of my force, the only guys putting up any sort of a fight was my scouts but they were being wittald down rapidly.

The end of my tank but more reinforcements arrive.

I try and send a rifle section to help out my scouts but the German flamethrower ambushes them….ouch.

At this point my force is in tatters and my moral is almost at zero so I decided to throw my remaining section into a death or glory change for mother Russia, you can imagine how this ended up ;o).

Well that was that a win for the Germans, I had only managed to knock a pultree 2 points of moral from there starting number to the loss of my 9.I did learn some useful points about my force, have only one senior leader is a real challenge as you need him on the table a.s.a.p but you also need him off the table to get your troops on,my flamethrower and mortar didn’t even get on the table in this game so 5 points wasted.Also you only get 5 command dice so there’s no point having loads of units as you won’t get to activate that many per phase of play.All this being said I enjoyed the game and the force so looking to get some more games in with them in the not to distance future.

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1 Response to First outing for the Russians.

  1. matt says:

    Good to see your fellas taking the fight to Jerry Hun! I can tell you that Mike’s FJs are a tough bunch. Glad you enjoyed it?

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