More Kings of War.

Really getting heavily into this system at the moment and have managed a number of games over the last week.At this point I like to say a big thanks to Mike,Matt and Dave who were all kind enough to pop over to mine for a game,cheers chaps you’ve really helped me take my mind off my health issues :o).
Anyway here’s a few pictures of a couple of the games.

My Orc’s clash with Mikes undead again,this time we were using 1,500pt lists.

My Giant goes down fighting.

The game ends with a victory to the Undead.

My Orc’s again,this time against Matt’s Kingdom of Men, again another 1,500pt a side game.

Now this was Matt’s first proper game and after a stiff fight the Humans were crushed by the green tided :o).I think Matt really enjoyed himself and seems keen to get some more games in sometime soon.
No pictures I’m afraid of game 3 against Dave but just to say it was also Dave’s first game,which he won by the way.Also like Matt he seems keen for some more KOW fun:o).
One final thing before I sign off,yes I gave into temptation and have ordered myself a Mantic Abyssal Dwarf army, l’ve always had a soft spot for the little fellows in Warhammer back in the day and it was such a good deal I couldn’t resist it….I know there’s no helping me :o).While I’m waiting for these to arrive I had a rummage through my bits box and dug out a few Mantic Warpath Orc sprues that I’d picked up awhile back.I cut off any really Sci Fi bit and slapped some paint on them.


I think they’ve come out pretty good, will add them to my slave Orc’s to make up a regiment when they arrive.

Anyway that’s it for now.

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One Response to More Kings of War.

  1. Matt says:

    Steve, a pleasure mate! It took my mind off my own problems for a bit too. Thanks. Matt.

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