Happy New Year.

Well that’s it then another year gone and what a year it’s been.
Looking back at 2015 WAC has been my most played game with me using all my original armies plus start a couple more (Carthaginians & Indians).
I have mainly played historical games this year dabbling in Black Powder,Pike & Shotte,Chain of Command and Victory at Sea as well as helping out with the play testing of Zero Hour(WW1) but the end of the year has seen me rekindle my interest in Fantasy gaming with Mantic games Kings of War rules,I’ve even bought a new army(Abyssal Dwarfs)which is something I wouldn’t have thought I’d do again.
This brings me on to my plans for 2016 and they are going to be challenging….I attend to not buy any figures this year and just concentrate on getting as much of my lead pile done as possible,now I know this is going to be really hard as I do get draw in to new systems really easy but I’m going to give it my best shot ;o).
Here’s a list of some of the projects I’m looking to get completed,in no particular order.

1/re-base my WAC Viking army plus add new movement trays.
2/paint my KOW Abyssal Dwarf army.
3/finish my 15mm WW2 Indian/British North Africa army.
4/finish my early and late war WW1 British armies.
5/paint my WAC Dark Ages Welsh army which my Mrs bought me about 10 years ago.
6/re-base my 28mm ECW army for Pike & Shotte.
7/ base up all my out standing LOTR’s models,I have loads already painted just waiting to be finished.
8/complete both my Victory at Sea & my Trafalgar fleets.
9/finish the last of my Roman’s and Ancient Celts.
10/ and finally paint up the last few models for my CoC Russians.

I have all the models to do the above so no excuses,just need to sort out the modelling stuff when needed.If by some miracle I do finish everything I’ve listed I do have a couple of WAC armies(Saxons & Ancient Greeks)awaiting in the wings plus a few units of Ancient Indians but some how I don’t think I’ll get to them ;o).
Anyway that’s it for now,wish me luck on this adventure :o) and I hope you all have a great New Year.

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1 Response to Happy New Year.

  1. Matt says:

    Good luck with your plans! 😀

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