First Game of 2016.

Managed to get my first game of the year last night as chum Dave popped over for a small game of KOW,1,000pts a side with Dave using his Dwarfs and me using my new Abyssal Dwarfs.
I took
Iron Caster plus surge spell.
Black soul Regiment.
Immortal Guard Regiment plus mutated throwing mastiff.
Decimators Regiment.
Gargoyle Troop.
Halfbreed Troop.
Greater Obsidian Golem.
Dragon Fire Team.
Not a bad force for a 1,000pts.
Here’s a few pictures of the game.




As you can see,it went well for the Dark Dwarfs with me taking the victory by over 200pts.I’m hoping to get some more games of KOW in over the next couple of weeks but it all depends on my health.
On the modelling and painting front I’ve been concentrating on finishing my 1/72nd Napoleonic French,Prussian and British/allied armies. Now I don’t need paint a lot for these, 3 cavalry units and 1 commander to be precise but I have quite a lot of basing to do (about 12 units).I’ll pop some pictures up once I’m finished.

Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to First Game of 2016.

  1. Matt says:

    All those new figures, straight from the blister to the table. Very old skool :o)
    Hope you’re well.
    Take care matey! 😀

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