Still Loving KOW.

Been getting in quite a few more games of KOW lately.I had a cracking one against Alan last Sunday.As normal I was using my Abyssal Dwarfs while he had gone for a Goblin force with Ogre allies.The game went well for my Evil guys.

Here’s a few in play pictures.



Alans force is a mix of 15mm Orc’s, Reaper bones monsters and Mantic Ogres, it’s a really cool looking army.

I started painting my Evil Dwarfs again, sorting out another troop of Blacksouls with two handed weapons and my Overmaster on foot.


Anyway that’s it for now, Steve.

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3 Responses to Still Loving KOW.

  1. Matt1066 says:

    Oh yeah, KoW is ace! So Alan is using 15mm Orcs as 28mm Goblins – very clever indeed. I’ve been firmly bitten by the KoW bug as hopefully you see in forthcoming blog articles :o)

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Oh that sounds interesting mate,looking forward to reading those posts.
    We will have to get together again soon for some more KOW fun :o).


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