Visitors from the Land of the Dragon.

We were lucky enough to have some visitors from over the bridge come to club this week for some KOW and Batman action.

I got to play Owen and his Dwarf army, we played a 1,900pts aside KOW game using the invade scenario.It was also going to be my first chance to try out my newly painted Realm of Battle board and terrain.Heres some pictures.

My new terrain,set up & in game shots.


Now I’ve known Owen for a long time now, back from the day’s when we used to run Warhammer tournaments at the club and he’s always a gentleman to play and this game was no exception.

Owen hasn’t played a lot of KOW and it was his first game with the Dwarfs plus the dice gods were not looking favourley appon him,leading to a victory to my Abyssal Dwarfs ;o).


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3 Responses to Visitors from the Land of the Dragon.

  1. Alan Paginton says:

    Great looking game. Are those the boards you picked up at the TTS Steve? If so looks like you got a real bargain.


  2. Matt says:

    Lovely new board mate!! :o)

  3. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks chaps and yes they are the boards I picked up at the Barn sale.
    Had a week of last week so a quick trip to the d.i.y shop for some spray cans and some paint from the garage and jobs a good’un :o).

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