Abyssal Dwarfs Finished ;o).

Finished off the last of my Abyssal Dwarfs this week,well when I say finished I mean everything I’ve got at the moment as I don’t think you actually ever complete an army.

Here’s some pictures, including a regiment of Beserkers,a supreme Ironcaster special character, a troop of Gargoyles and finally a troop of Blacksouls.


Hopefully with Father’s Day coming up i might get treated to some toys…..fingers crossed ;o).

I’m also started a new KOW army,if you look closely at one of the pictures you my just be able to see my painting samples I’ve knocked up….can you guess what force I’m doing…….:o).


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2 Responses to Abyssal Dwarfs Finished ;o).

  1. Matt1066 says:

    Lovely work Steve! I really like the flyers on the base with the columns. This is one area that KoW really allows players to enjoy – funky bases :o)
    Is that an Orc I spy back there? ;o)

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks mate, it’s been real fun doing this army and I think they’ve turned out rather nice.
    Nope not Orc’s, try again……a hint it’s an army from the Uncharted Empires not the rules book :o).

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