Yeap if you hadn’t already guessed my new KOW army is going to be the Varangur, Mantic equivalent of Chaos Warriors.

As I’m not buying any models at the moment it was a matter of rummaging through my existing collection and bits boxes to see what I could put together…it’s amazing what you can find :o).

Here’s my first unit and character I’ve painted up.

Sons of Korgaan regiment made from some old school GW plastic Chaos Warriors.I’ve got another lot of these on the painting table as we speak.


A Skald, this is a old Ral Partha barbarian from the Dragon Lance character set, a really nice model and one I was keen to paint up.


As i said earlier I’ve got the other set of the Sons to do next then a few Father’s Day presents my girls bought me, talking of which here’s a picture of something else they got me.

Ba’su’su the Vile for my Abyssal Dwarfs.


Cheers, Steve.

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1 Response to Varangur,KOW.

  1. I really like the green colour scheme of the Chaos warriors and the stone of the Gargoyle came out nicely too. If you have more of those you could try a transition effect from stone to “flesh”.

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