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KOW,Hellfire & Stone Campaign, part 1.

Last Friday evening Dave popped around for are first game in this campaign. The book was written for 1st edition but transfer over to 2nd just fine. The campaign pits Dwarfs verses Abyssal Dwarfs, with a series of 6 game … Continue reading

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KOW Ogres.

With me not concentrating on any particular army at the moment it gives me the chance to paint what ever I fancy.Well last week is was a unit of Mantic Ogres,I went for a standard Warrior (hand weapon & shield) … Continue reading

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The 14th ready for action.

Managed to get the rest of these finished over the weekend,that another 12 man squad plus an officer. Cheers,Steve.

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The first of the 14th.

Really mixing up my painting at the moment as I’m not really consentrating on anything in particular. This week I’ve managed to finish another squad/platoon of my WW1 mid/late war army the first of the 14th Gloucestershire regiment a reserve … Continue reading

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