The first of the 14th.

Really mixing up my painting at the moment as I’m not really consentrating on anything in particular. This week I’ve managed to finish another squad/platoon of my WW1 mid/late war army the first of the 14th Gloucestershire regiment a reserve bantam unit.One of my great uncle served in this unit and was killed fighting at the Somme and I’ve always fancied putting a unit together to represent them.The problem was finding the models to do the job.Well by chance a while ago at a Great War game at one of my chums houses one of the fine fellows there, I’m looking at you Phil had a few bags of the 1st Corps British infantry he didn’t want as they did not fit in with his army, they were to small…..ding….can I have a look I said,you can have them came the reply.

Well here’s the first lot ready to go over the top.




There’s a Great War Event being held next month run by Rob at Scarab hopefully I’ll be playing in the big Zero Hour game then if everything goes to plan.If your interested have a look on the Scarab miniatures website for more details.


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