KOW Ogres.

With me not concentrating on any particular army at the moment it gives me the chance to paint what ever I fancy.Well last week is was a unit of Mantic Ogres,I went for a standard Warrior (hand weapon & shield) Horde.Now these are really nice models but for some reason I didn’t enjoy painting them as much as I thought I would though I think they’ve turned out rather nice.




Will this stop me building a actual Ogre Army,no way I’ve already got it planned,the thing is I really like the Reaper Bones Giant range and in this Army I can squeeze in three in a 2,000pt force,nice :0).But for now that will have to wait.

Cheers for now, Steve.

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3 Responses to KOW Ogres.

  1. Matt1066 says:

    Good work there sir!!! Another KoW army though??? 😀

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    Thanks chaps.

    But Matt you can have 3 yes 3 Giants in a 2,000pt army :0)……..you know there’s no helping me ;o).


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