KOW,Hellfire & Stone Campaign, part 1.

Last Friday evening Dave popped around for are first game in this campaign. The book was written for 1st edition but transfer over to 2nd just fine.

The campaign pits Dwarfs verses Abyssal Dwarfs, with a series of 6 game to be played to find the victor.

Game 1,Skirmish at Black Thunder Mine saw us using 250pts armies,with the player holding the Mine taking the win.As the Dwarf player Dave also had a messenger he had to get off the table.

Set up.

The Berserk Brocks destroy everything they touch to take the win for the Dwarfs.


With the Dwarf winning they get to upgrade a unit by one level in all the rest of the campaign games….ouch.


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1 Response to KOW,Hellfire & Stone Campaign, part 1.

  1. Matt1066 says:

    Neat start there buddy! :o)

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