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Had my first games of this last night at club.Dave was showing me the ropes,starting with a tie verses tie warm up,followed up by a multi ship game with me commanding 3 x-wings.   Really enjoyed myself,can see me buying … Continue reading

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Return to the Varangur.

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done anything with these but over the past week I’ve made and painted up a regiment of mounted Sons of Korgaan.   There made from the same 3rd edition plastic warriors my foot … Continue reading

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Scarab Miniatures Great War Day.

Was lucky enough to go to this today.A number of different games were being run, me and Mike ran are Bolt Action game.Here’s a few pictures. Zero Hour Somme game. Wings of War. Attack on Fort Vaux at Verdun. Bolting … Continue reading

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More pictures.

Mike sent some pictures from Sunday’s game taken from the German side.I especially like the last one ;o).   cheers,Steve.

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WW1 Bolt Action.

As I’ve already mentioned in a earlier post in a couple of weeks I’m attending a Great War day run by Scarab miniatures. Rob at Scarab was looking for people to lay on a game,well me and Mike got talking … Continue reading

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