WW1 Bolt Action.

As I’ve already mentioned in a earlier post in a couple of weeks I’m attending a Great War day run by Scarab miniatures.

Rob at Scarab was looking for people to lay on a game,well me and Mike got talking and have now decided to run a small Bolt Action campaign on the day.

With that in mind we decided to give the first scenario a run out tonight.The idea is the Germans hold the bridge in a small village with reinforcements on the way when a British scouting party of Cavalry arrive supported by a armoured car (reserve).6/7 turns with the Germans having to hold the bridge at the end of the game.

Look chaps it’s the Bosh.


Tally Ho.


Overveiw of the table.



The game played out well and with a few minor tweaks should do the job just fine.

We plan to play a second game after with who ever won the first one defending against a count attack,just infantry and support for this one though.

Cheers for now,Steve.

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2 Responses to WW1 Bolt Action.

  1. Matt1066 says:

    Oh Steve! What is it about WW1 cavalry?! Marvellous :o)

  2. lurkusspleen says:

    You know me mate, Tally Ho and all that ;o).
    Have a look at the new pictures I’ve just posted…….my Lancers gave that Bosh officer a dam good thrashing :o).

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