Scarab Miniatures Great War Day.

Was lucky enough to go to this today.A number of different games were being run, me and Mike ran are Bolt Action game.Here’s a few pictures.

Zero Hour Somme game.


Wings of War.


Attack on Fort Vaux at Verdun.

Bolting for the Marine.(sorry Mike I had to show your awesome dice rolling, he only needed 3’s to hit :o).

Anyway had a cracking day,a big thanks to Rob and Barb for putting it on and providing lunch.


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1 Response to Scarab Miniatures Great War Day.

  1. Mike says:

    You can go off people sometimes! It takes practice to throw such consistent dice scores.

    I reckon I had used all my good scores fighting my way into Fort Vaux. What a great game that was. In fact a terrific day in every respect.

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