WW2 North Africa,15mm.

With the end of the year looming and with no KOW models to paint I thought I should looking at finishing some more of my outstanding projects.One of which is my 15mm desert force for WW2 gaming, now this Army is not built for any set of rules in particular but I’ve based it up so I can play Bolt Action or Chain of Command plus I’ve made some extra bases so I use it for Blitz Krieg Commander.

I’ve done a armoured platoon (Scots Greys) and a motorised Infantry  platoon with support (3rd Indians).



Infantry plus support.




I’d like to build on this force,adding some artillery and some armoured cars plus possibly some air support but that will have to wait until next year.


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4 Responses to WW2 North Africa,15mm.

  1. Matt says:

    Looking good Steve! There’s something very appealing about Desert WW2 in 15mm. Just seems to look ‘right’…. You’ve got me thinking now!?!

    • lurkusspleen says:

      Go on you know you want to ;o).
      I think Mike is game for some 15mm Bolt Action as well.

      • Matt1066 says:


        ….. who makes them? …..

        TBH 15mm is about all I can afford these days!!! 😀 😀 😀


      • lurkusspleen says:

        My infantry are from Peter Pig, they do some nice Army deals so well worth a look.
        The vehicles are a mix of Battlefront and Zvezda.BF have a large selection but are quite expensive for 15mm while Zvezda don’t do so many but are dirt cheap.

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