Happy New Year.

Well that’s the end of 2016 and what a fun gaming year it’s been.

So how did I do on the project front,well I didn’t buy any models myself but I did receive a few as presents.

I completed

re basing my Vikings & ECW armies as well as doing my mates ECW and Dwarf army.

Painted up my KOW Abyssals Dwarfs plus did a Varangur army and a few Ogres.

Finished both my 15mm WW2 army and my WW2 fleet plus the last few bits of my 28mm Russian force.

Started on my Dark Ages Welsh Army, got enough to run a 6 point SAGA force but not big enough to play WAC yet.

Finished my Roman’s and Celt armies for WAC and my 1/72nd Napoleonic’s for Black Powder.

And finally finished my Early War WW1 BEF army and got have way through my Late War force.

I’m really happy with how I’ve done.I’ve also took this opportunity to clear out a lot of unused/want stuff which I’ve had for ages and haven’t used.

As for games KOW has been my main one with me playing 50 games over the year, yes I did keep a dairy ;0).Other games played include Bolt Action (5),WAC (4),SAGA (4),  Zero Hour WW1 (4) Pike & Shotte (2), XWing (2) and Wings of War (1) I think that’s about it but I could be wrong.

As for 2017, More KOW as I have a few more bits for my existening armies plus a new Basilean army to put together and paint plus I’m just getting in to XWing so would like to get some more of that played.

Anyway that’s it for now, I hope you all have I great New Year.




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