Had a Break.

Well its been a while but real life has got in the way of my blogging ;o).Anyway Kings of War is still my main focus when it comes to painting and gaming,i have continued to work on my Basileans.
Here’s some pictures of what i’ve added to my army.
A Horde of Paladin Knights including some Wolfhound wardogs.

3 heavy Arbalest,made from Warbases Roman Bolt Throwers with converted Paladins and men at arms as crew.

High Paladin riding Griffin.I used the old metal GW Empire Griffin model and a Paladin Knight with a Elohi head.

And finally a War-Wizard,as you can see i’ve used one of the GW LOTR’s Gandalf models.

Well there you go thats over 2,000pts painted and i’ve even played and won my first game with them.
Any way thats it for now.

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2 Responses to Had a Break.

  1. Matt says:

    Splendid work sir! Those bolt throwers look very interesting too ;o)

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