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KOW, Hellfire & Stone pt 4, The Flaming Gates.

Me and Dave played the latest part of the campaign last week,this saw my Abyssal Dwarfs attacking through a pass blocked by a small Dwarven force. I had 1,200pts plus a extra Elite unit of Immortal Guard while Dave got … Continue reading

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As i said in my last post i’d be doing a few different things to take a break from my Basileans. First up i’ve sorted out a couple of Fire Giants for my Ogre army,these are both Reaper bones models. … Continue reading

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Time for a change.

Now i’ve been putting together my Basilean army for awhile now and now have more than 2,000pts painted and ready to use with what i’ve just finished.Here’s some pictures. 2 Troops of Sisterhood Gar Panther riders.   Mounted War Wizard, … Continue reading

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KOW club game.

Had a cracking KOW game this Sunday at club,it was against Ken and his Undead army.Now Ken hasn’t played for about 6 months so was a bit rusty but the great thing about the game is its easy to get … Continue reading

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Had a Break.

Well its been a while but real life has got in the way of my blogging ;o).Anyway Kings of War is still my main focus when it comes to painting and gaming,i have continued to work on my Basileans. Here’s … Continue reading

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More Basileans,KOW.

Cracking on with this army now as i’ve decided to use it for the up and coming KOW league l’m running at club in March. I’ve managed to complete two more units,a troop of crossbow men and a Phoenix,again sorry … Continue reading

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New Year,New Army.

For Christmas i was lucky enough to get a new KOW army from my darling Wife :o). That army was the Basileans which is a good alliance human army with a few added beasties. I’ve managed to put together and … Continue reading

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