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SAGA Campaign Season 1.

So got my first game in last night as my lands were being raided by some Anglo-Danes under the command of Leofstan the Bastard aka Orange Dave ;o). As I was defending my War Crafty trait kicked in and the … Continue reading

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SAGA Age of the Wolf.

With the release of this supplement by Gripping Beast a group of us at the club have decided to have a go at playing a campaign. I thought this would be a great time to get some paint on my … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

Well that’s it then another year gone and what a year it’s been. Looking back at 2015 WAC has been my most played game with me using all my original armies plus start a couple more (Carthaginians & Indians). I … Continue reading

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SAGA at Dreads.

Had my second game of SAGA around Dreads tonight(Friday ),we played another 4pt a side game with me using my Vikings and Dave using his Normans. We decided to play the basic kill the Warlord game,below is the set up. … Continue reading

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Well had my first game of SAGA tonight at club,this game is a Dark Ages skirmish game by Gripping Beast (Tomahawk Studio).I was using my Vikings and i was up agains’t Dave and his Normans. Viking Hirdmen face off agains’t … Continue reading

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