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Monster Time,Varangur KOW.

Managed to paint up a couple of new beasties for my Varangur army which I was lucky enough to get for Christmas.Both models are from the Reaper Bones range. Cavern Dweller & Devourer. Cheers,Steve.

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KOW,Hellfire & Stone part 3.

Just after Christmas me and Dave played the next part of the campaign The Nameless Cave scenario.Armies were 750pts a side plus we got to use are special characters for the first time.The game was a kill and pillage scenario … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

Well that’s the end of 2016 and what a fun gaming year it’s been. So how did I do on the project front,well I didn’t buy any models myself but I did receive a few as presents. I completed re … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas.

Another good year on the present front ;o). I hope you all have a great day. Cheers,Steve.    

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KOW,And Now For Something A Bit Bigger.

Me and Dave got together at club this week for a game of KOW,we had decided to go for a larger game using 3,000pt armies. I took my Abyssal Dwarfs while Dave used his Dwarf.As both of the armies are … Continue reading

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More WW2.

Another week and another Army finished.This time my 1/3000th Davco British Mediterranean fleet with a couple of added extras,this is for Victory at Sea. Next job to finish rebasing my Vikings. Cheers,Steve.

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WW2 North Africa,15mm.

With the end of the year looming and with no KOW models to paint I thought I should looking at finishing some more of my outstanding projects.One of which is my 15mm desert force for WW2 gaming, now this Army … Continue reading

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