WW2 North Africa,15mm.

With the end of the year looming and with no KOW models to paint I thought I should looking at finishing some more of my outstanding projects.One of which is my 15mm desert force for WW2 gaming, now this Army is not built for any set of rules in particular but I’ve based it up so I can play Bolt Action or Chain of Command plus I’ve made some extra bases so I use it for Blitz Krieg Commander.

I’ve done a armoured platoon (Scots Greys) and a motorised Infantry  platoon with support (3rd Indians).



Infantry plus support.




I’d like to build on this force,adding some artillery and some armoured cars plus possibly some air support but that will have to wait until next year.


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Varangur plus.

Finished off the last few bits I’ve got for my Varangur over the last week or so, will have to wait now till after the new year to pick up the    few things I need to finish this Army.

Direfang Regiment,decided to use these models as there so much bigger then my old school Chaos Knights.


Cursed Son & Herja of the Fallen, these are both Reaper Bones models.


Also managed to painted up a Regiment of Red Goblins for my Ogre army using  GW Gnoblars,these are really fun models to paint.



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KOW, Hellfire & Stone part 2.

This Friday saw me and Dave play the second part of this Campaign,Ambush at Redblade Ridge.We decided to go for 750pt army’s with Dave getting to upgrade one of his units for winning game one plus a free troop of Brock riders while I had 3 free troops of gargoyles.We rolled off and I would be the attacker,the scenario was Kill.

Set up.


Combat is joined.

The end game.


Revenege is sweet,after the kicking Dave gave me in the first it was nice to turn the tables on him.The win will give me bonuses in game 5,next up the two main characters hit the table for the first time……should be fun :o).

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Had my first games of this last night at club.Dave was showing me the ropes,starting with a tie verses tie warm up,followed up by a multi ship game with me commanding 3 x-wings.



Really enjoyed myself,can see me buying a few ships in the new year ;o).


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Return to the Varangur.

Well it’s been a while since I’ve done anything with these but over the past week I’ve made and painted up a regiment of mounted Sons of Korgaan.




There made from the same 3rd edition plastic warriors my foot regiments are plus metal add on bits. The hell hound is from the reaper bones range which I thought looked really cool.Anyway I think they’ve come out rather nice.


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Scarab Miniatures Great War Day.

Was lucky enough to go to this today.A number of different games were being run, me and Mike ran are Bolt Action game.Here’s a few pictures.

Zero Hour Somme game.


Wings of War.


Attack on Fort Vaux at Verdun.

Bolting for the Marine.(sorry Mike I had to show your awesome dice rolling, he only needed 3’s to hit :o).

Anyway had a cracking day,a big thanks to Rob and Barb for putting it on and providing lunch.


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More pictures.

Mike sent some pictures from Sunday’s game taken from the German side.I especially like the last one ;o).




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