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Dreadball : Blazing Glory.

Well i’ve had this game for a while now (backed it on Kickstarter) but haven’t got around to playing it yet,this hopefully will change this week as Daves poping around on Friday for a game :).With this in mind  and … Continue reading

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Starting to clear the painting table.

Well decided to clear a few unfinished bits i had on my painting table this week as well as basing up some more of my ready painted Mordor stuff. First the Mordor stuff Mordor Orc’s. Mordor Uruk-Hai. Angmar Ghostly Warrior … Continue reading

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Charge of the Mumaks.

Got my first chance to play WOTR again this week at club,its been over a year since i’ve played this system so i was really looking forward to it.Nick my opponent want to try out the Mumak War Herd Battlehost and seeing … Continue reading

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WAC Games Day

Today was the lastest WAC gaming day run by Rob of Scarab miniaures,the event was held at are club venue (Iron Acton,nr Bristol,UK).There was a mix of armies with the majority using classic Ancient force’s (Romans,Celts etc,etc….) but four of us … Continue reading

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WAC Samurai army.

Well its finished at last :),yeap got the last few bits finished so i thought i put a few pictures up.All the models are Dixon Miniatures but i have added some Perry Miniatures Sashimono’s and Bambo Screen.I got the models … Continue reading

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Back to the Western Front.

Managed to get another game of The Great War in last night at club againest Orange Dave,it was a re-match of a game we play a couple of months ago (Storm the Hill) where one player tries to hold a … Continue reading

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Release the Warg Riders.

This week i managed to paint up some of the models i got for my Birthday. First up my Orc Hunters riding Feral Wargs. Next up a couple Feral Wargs. Now i’ve got to say these were lovely models to … Continue reading

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