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Zero Hour, WW1/ Great War Game.

This week at club saw 6 of us involved in helping play test gaming chum Orange Dave’s new Great War rules Zero Hour. We played a nice and simple objective grabbing scenario with 3 of us playing the Germans and … Continue reading

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More WAC pictures, Romans v Macedonian.

So here those extra pictures I promised, thanks Mike. Set up from the Macedonian side of the table. The Veterans advance on the Romans. The mass melee towards the end of the game. Cheers, Steve.

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Another Epic WAC Clash, EIR v Macedonian Successors.

Another week and another epic clash against Mike and his Macedonians, we would be play 3,000pts a side on a 8ft by 4ft table. I had made a few changes from last weeks game but had stuck with as pure … Continue reading

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EIR v Pontic Empire, WAC.

Had another game of WAC this Sunday, 3,000pts a side on a 8 by 4 table. I was up against Simon and his Pontic force which is a really mix of unit including heavy and light infantry, heavy Cavalry and … Continue reading

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Attack on the Ridge, Black Powder Napoleonic’s.

It’s been a while since I’ve played any Black Powder so when Steve offered me a game against his Russians a I was well up for it. Steve had sorted out a scenario which saw his Russians defending a Ridge … Continue reading

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