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Latest Batch of Late War Germans.

Managed to base up a batch of WW1 Late War Germans I got back from the painters a while ago. These were painted by Cornishmikey painting service, here’s some close ups. These will be added to the stuff I’ve already got … Continue reading

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Last of the Vikings ;o).

Well this week I’ve finished off the last of my Vikings, well when I say last I mean of what I have at the moment as I’m sure I’ll pick up some more in the future ;o). Anyway here’s a … Continue reading

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Chain of Command, first crack at the Germans.

Last night at club I had my first go with the Germans, I was playing Mike with his US Para’s. This was Mike’s first game so we had decided to keep it nice and simple and just play the first scenario in … Continue reading

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More Vikings.

Last week at the local gaming table top sale I managed to pick up a few more Vikings for my Hird, don’t know which manufacturer there by but there nice sculpts. So this week I’ve spent painting them up, here’s … Continue reading

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Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings.

Well after the fun of last Sundays Dark Ages WAC game I thought it was about time I painted up some Shieldwall Miniatures Vikings I’ve had for awhile, I picked these up at Salute last year and they’ve been sat … Continue reading

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The Battle of St Walburgha’s Day.

Was luck enough to be invited to Wargaming chum Matt’s house today to take part in a large Dark Ages WAC game. It would be a 5,000pts aside game pitting Saxon’s commanded by Phil and Rob against Vikings commanded by Myself … Continue reading

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