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ECW end game.

Dave was around mine last night to finish off are ECW game, when we left it last things weren’t looking good for the Royalists this continued with the demise of Prince Rupert and his Cavalry on the Royalist left flank. … Continue reading

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Time to give the Hun’s ago.

Back to club this week and another Great War game, I wanted to try playing the Germans this time as i’m looking to put together a force in the not to distance future. Dave was kind enough to let me … Continue reading

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It true theres no helping me……..

Gave in to temptation again and bought up not one but two 1/72nd (20mm) Napoleonic armies on e-bay. Got a French army with about 90+ cavalry,250+ infantry and 8 gun’s plus a British force of about 70+ cavalry,200+ infantry and 8 gun’s with … Continue reading

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Well with no club this week 😦 and at a bit of a loose end tonight I thought I’d pop up some pictures of what I’ve got painted this week. First 3 more BEF mounted troopers, this takes my cavalry unit … Continue reading

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Not looking good for the King.

Dave popped around last night to continue are ECW game, we managed to get a couple more rounds in each. I won the roll off as we started turn two but let Dave go first, my reasoning for this was, … Continue reading

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Vikings & MVP’s.

Its been another busy few weeks so I haven’t had much chance to do any painting but here’s what I have finished. Gripping Beast Slinger for my Viking force, he’s from there Ancient Britain range. I’ve had a unit of 9 … Continue reading

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Napoleonic’s in small scale.

Well I’ve started a bit of a buzz down the club and on the biguns forums ( ) , been starting to get the urge lately to get back into some Napoleonic’s. I’ve played this period before, first off in … Continue reading

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Battle for the Bacon :).

So managed to get another game of W&C in last night at club, this time I was playing Steve with his Vikings. With my guys being Norwegians we agreed Steve’s would be Dane’s and seeing I’d just painted up a pig … Continue reading

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Legionary Show,Exeter.

Was lucky enough to get to this show today, was quite a small event but did have some nice demo games, here’s some pictures. WAC Dark Ages Game, the Mighty Vikings crushing the Puny Saxon weaklings ( just for you … Continue reading

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ECW First moves

So Dave was around last night for the start of are ECW game in the man cave, we have decided to use WAC as the rules system, using the lists from the Renaissance army book. After sorting out are armies and redeploying … Continue reading

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