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Scarab Miniatures Great War Day.

Was lucky enough to go to this today.A number of different games were being run, me and Mike ran are Bolt Action game.Here’s a few pictures. Zero Hour Somme game. Wings of War. Attack on Fort Vaux at Verdun. Bolting … Continue reading

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More pictures.

Mike sent some pictures from Sunday’s game taken from the German side.I especially like the last one ;o).   cheers,Steve.

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WW1 Bolt Action.

As I’ve already mentioned in a earlier post in a couple of weeks I’m attending a Great War day run by Scarab miniatures. Rob at Scarab was looking for people to lay on a game,well me and Mike got talking … Continue reading

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The 14th ready for action.

Managed to get the rest of these finished over the weekend,that another 12 man squad plus an officer. Cheers,Steve.

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The first of the 14th.

Really mixing up my painting at the moment as I’m not really consentrating on anything in particular. This week I’ve managed to finish another squad/platoon of my WW1 mid/late war army the first of the 14th Gloucestershire regiment a reserve … Continue reading

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Happy New Year.

Well that’s it then another year gone and what a year it’s been. Looking back at 2015 WAC has been my most played game with me using all my original armies plus start a couple more (Carthaginians & Indians). I … Continue reading

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Zero Hour, High Wood.

This week at club saw me,Dave,Rob and Matt had are first try out of are High Wood game we are hopefully looking to run at a few shows next year. High Wood was part of the Somme offensive of 1916 … Continue reading

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